Relive the 1920’s golden age of extravagant balls, decadent high teas, vintage vehicles, antique photography and swingin’ music at The Blue Mountains’ Roaring 20’s and all that Jazz Festival in February 2017.

This annual month-long event pays tribute to an opulent era when Australia’s first tourist destination held a decade-long party, celebrating breathtaking architecture, iconic art and outrageous music.  Don your best 20s frock and ‘kick up your heels’ in the Charleston Challenge, eat to excess for Australia’s highest (unofficial) Long Lunch, or revel in the jazz, blues and ragtime music that shaped an era (or pick up a ukulele yourself and strum along at the Blue Mountains Ukelele Festival).

The 1920’s was a time of bust and boom for the Blue Mountains – mining that first defined the region was declining by the late 1910s, however by the early 1920’s, the tourism industry was born.  With the tourism boom came entertainment and revelry, music and dancing, architecture and artwork.  That art deco character of the 20s defines the Blue Mountains and is found in street-front facades, iconic guesthouses and its beautiful gardens.

Bring back the chutzpah!


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