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Are you gonna let the English keep the cup?

No, not the Ashes – we’re talking about The Charleston Challenge!  We need your help to break the World Record we started in 2012.  We broke the record in 2013 with 276 costumed Charleston dancers, 319 in 2014 and hit 360 in 2015.  But then later in 2015, our record was broken twice by Bexhill in the UK with 503 dancers, and then again by Swing Patrol in London with 975 dancers.  Well, we’re Aussies and taking our sporting & leisure records away from us just isn’t right! But before you starting cursing the Poms, there is something you can do about it!  Head to the iconic Hydro Majestic Hotel on Saturday, February 25th, from 10 am to help us take back the record that is rightfully ours!

Everyone is welcome regardless of age, skill level, or the number of left feet they might say they possess – everyone can do it!  Head to to learn the routine and register online as EVERY PERSON COUNTS.  Grab your friends, family, neighbours, acquaintances (for an acquaintance is just a friend you haven’t spent time around a barbie yet), and if you have any time, make some new friends on the train on the way to the Challenge and encourage them to take part.  All you need is a costume (the right cap & suspenders or flapper dress & pearls will do the trick) and the desire to beat the Poms, and together we can make history!

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