The rich history of the Wentworth Cabaret
The Blue Mountains YHA is one of the most highly regarded hostel options in Australia for backpackers and thousands of tourists pass through their halls every year whilst they are here to enjoy the stunning scenery the Blue Mountains has to offer.  For those who haven’t enjoyed the facilities, you might not be aware of › Read more
Majestic fashion tips for Roaring 20s Festival
Roaring 20s Festival patron Claudia Chan Shaw By Ellen Hill for Escarpment Group        Photos: David Hill Roaring 20s Festival events at the original Blue Mountains party palace will be majestic opportunities to promenade art deco fashion to maximum elegant effect during the February 24-25 weekend. Retro revivalists can dress to impress for › Read more
A ukulele-wielding song-and-dance-man shoots for the vaudeville stage
Constructed around a live soundtrack of popular jazz music from the roaring 20s, ‘Tinpan Alley’ is the comic tragedy of the gregarious yet hapless Godfrey Uke, a fictional ukulele-wielding song-and-dance-man aspiring to stardom from the gritty regimen of the vaudeville stage. Godfrey, the show’s protagonist, is a self-made man who should have really consulted an › Read more
The age of steam, the birth of the motor car industry and swingin’ jazz!
The roaring twenties heralded the start of ‘mass culture’ thanks to the creation of radio, the birth of advertising, mechanised manufacturing, and large-scale urban expansion.  It was an exciting time in world history and was profoundly important to the development of western culture as we know it today.  However the age of steam and the birth of the › Read more
Are you gonna let the English keep the cup?
No, not the Ashes – we’re talking about The Charleston Challenge!  We need your help to break the World Record we started in 2012.  We broke the record in 2013 with 276 costumed Charleston dancers, 319 in 2014 and hit 360 in 2015.  But then later in 2015, our record was broken twice by Bexhill › Read more
Dinner, views and a Blue Mountains tradition dating back to the 1920s
Blue Mountains pianist, Alan Johnson, first performed at the Mountain Heritage in 1982 and has been the hotel’s resident pianist ever since.  Alan isn’t just a ‘player for hire’ – Alan is keeping a 1920s tradition alive.  Music has been a feature of the Mountain Heritage, previously The California, since it opened in 1908 and by › Read more
‘The songs that made us’ gets a 7.5/10
  Well known music critic John Shand attended Saturday Night’s ‘Intimate Night’ with Susan Gai Dowling, Evan Lohning & Bob Bertles.  Check out his review and see what you missed – it was an absolute pleasure to enjoy fine music from legendary sax player Bob Bertles, master songstress Susan Gai Dowling & incredible arranger Evan › Read more
Hydro’s majestic Valentine’s Day serenade
Delectable food, exquisite venue, magical view and even love songs – all you have to do for Valentine’s Day at the Blue Mountains’ legendary hotel of love is provide the romance on Sunday, February 12. Alternatively, treat your love to a chauffeur driven tour of the most romantic locations in the area with all the › Read more
Everybody Charleston with the Swing Katz!
The Swing Katz are so excited about the Charleston Challenge coming up on Saturday, February 25th, that they thought that we needed a new Charleston training video.  The girls took to the streets of Sydney to strut and produced this fun video!  The routine remains unchanged from last year so it easy to learn even if › Read more
The sexytet are in town!
  A bunch of cheeky lads called the Arthur Washington Sexytet are about to finish their 2nd album, so it was about time they embarked on a summer tour.  These guys have ‘cut their teeth’ across many venues in Sydney and are heading up the Mountain as a feature artist for the Roaring 20s Festival. Look › Read more

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